Watch & Jewellery Repairs

Watch repairs|Trophies Suppliers|HipflasksAll types of watch repairs are undertaken by our staff trained at the British Horological Institute.Watch Repairs are carried out in our own workshops from the ordinary to the extravagant, replacement batteries, straps, entire movements, full service and pressure testing to make sure your watch remains water resistant.

A fast and professional service, our staff can often replace many batteries and straps in just a few minutes.

We repair all makes including Omega, Swatch, Sekonda, Rolex, Boss, Gucci, etc.

Services include:

  • Straps
  • Batteries
  • New glass faces
  • Link shortening
  • Engraving
  • Movement repairs
  • Water pressure testing

Watch repairs|Trophies Suppliers|HipflasksWatch repairs|Trophies Suppliers|HipflasksWatch repairs|Trophies Suppliers|HipflasksWatch repairs|Trophies Suppliers|Hipflasks


Watch repairs|Trophies Suppliers|Hipflasks

We also offer a full jewellery repair service, our expert team of professional jewellers are always happy to provide free quotaions for any repairs that you may require . Our services include;

                        • Ring resizing
                        • New clasps
                        • Stone resetting
                        • Restringing Pearls
                        • Sonic jewellery cleaning

Contact us to find your nearest branch.

Watch repairs|Trophies Suppliers|Hipflasks